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In this tutorial i will show you how you will get the IP address of a network printer

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is open up the control panel and search for the word printer (screenshot 1)

1Screenshot 1

Step 2: After you searched for this you need to click View devices and printers (screenshot 2)

2Screenshot 2

Step 3: After this you need to click on add a printer on the top of your screen (screenshot 3)

3Screenshot 3

Step 4: Now the setup will search for printers, The best thing to do now is click on the printer that i want isn’t listed (screenshot 4)

4Screenshot 4

Step 5: Now select the top radio button as seen in screenshot 5

5Screenshot 5

Step 6: Now search for the printer you need (screenshot 6) and richt click on the printer name and click on properties (screenshot 7)


Screenshot 6

7Screenshot 7

Step 7: Now you will get a prompt where you need to click on ports, after doing this you need to search for a checked box and here you will find the IP address (in screenshot 8 black marked)

8Screenshot 8

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