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In this tutorial i am going to show you how you can make a local admin account

We will use hirens for this so you dont need to log on in to windows

Step 1: Download hirens boot cd

Step 2: Boot the pc from the hirens boot cd

Step 3: Now select mini windows xp (screenshot 1)

1Screenshot 1

Step 4: When it booted up mini windows xp, double click on the HBCD menu icon (screenshot 2)


Screenshot 2

Step 5: After you did this you need to go to Programs in the left top corner and go to Passwords / Keys
Now go to Windows login (screenshot 3) and then select password renew


Screenshot 3

Step 6: In the screen you now get browse to you windows directory (screenshots 4 and 5)


Screenshot 4


Screenshot 5

Step 7: Now click on create new administrator user on the left menu as seen in screenshot 5

Step 8: In the following screen you need to fill in the credentials of the new user and after this click on Apply
Very important to click on apply and not anything else (screenshot 6)


Screenshot 6

Step 9: If it al went fine you will see the popup as seen in screenshot 7, you can now reboot and log in with the new admin account
In my case i would use .\test
.\ means you will log on to the local computer


Screenshot 7

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