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With this tutorial i will show you how you can get user information of a domain user with CMD


Step 1: Open command prompt

Step 2: Enter the following command: net user (username) /domain
After doing this you will see info such as last logon, when the password expires and group membership.

If you dont know the user accounts you also can get a full user account list by doing the following

Step 1: Open a prompt if you dont have this allready

Step 2: Enter the following command: net user /domain

You should now see a list of all user accounts

The following screanshot shows a example of the first two steps

net user

The screenshot is in dutch (i dont have a english windows at the moment)

But in the screenshot you can see that you get a list with details like

- Username
-Full name
-Account expiration
-Password expiration
-Last logon

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