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In this tutorial i will show you how you can solve it when your DHCP scope leased one IP

for two machines on your network at the same time

Did you ever had the following notification on your computer?


In the following tutorial i will show you how you can solve this issue.

Step 1: Open command prompt as admin in the following way, in windows 7 or vista open the start menu and search for CMD.
When this is found just right click it and select run as administrator.

For users of windows 8 you can do the following, open the metro interface and just type CMD.
Now it will find it and also in this case just click on it with the right mouse button and select run as administrator (screenshot 1)

cmd_run_asScreenshot 1

Step 2: When you entered command prompt you need to type in the following command: ipconfig /release
After doing this you will see the following screen as in screenshot 2 (in my case it releases the WiFi ip address only)
As you can see in the screenshot i dont have a IP address anymore

ReleaseScreenshot 2

Step 3: After this is done you need to enter the following command: ipconfig /renew
After running this you will see that i will have a IP address assigned again (screenshot 3)

RenewScreenshot 3

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