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Join a windows 7 machine to the domain

A short tutorial about how to add a windows 7 machine to your domain

For this short tutorial I am using a windows 7 ultimate machine that is already installed.

The IP I am using for my workstation will me /24

The ip of my Active directory server is /24 this is also my DNS server

The domain I am using is k-base.local


Step 1:After installing you need to log in on the machine with an account with administrator rights


Step 2: Click on start and than right click on computer, now select properties (you can also access this by pressing windows key + pause)


Step 3:  Now click on change settings

Join Win 7 (1)



Step 4: Now click on change and click on domain, here you need to fill in your domain name

For me this is k-base.local

At the popup you fill in username: administrator and the password of the administrator of the windows server

If correct you will see the message of the following picture


 Join Win 7 (2)


Now restart the machine and the join is successfullView Counter: (1679)